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Cobham Community Preschool

The child friendly classes build on children's listening and physical skills as well as children's mind and body coordination. Becky has a wonderful way of engaging the children by incorporating familiar children's books and narrating stories. P Lots of achievable yoga moves and positions are taught in a style the children understand. The children don't even realise they are practicing breathing techniques, even our most energetic children seem to be able to lie quietly. Becky's classes are varied and fun and it is lovely to see the children enjoying themselves and their confidence grow.

Zoe, Mum of 3yo twins

Becky's yoga class has been great for my twin boys, they both have a speech and language delay and by attending classes regularly their attention & listening skills are improving and the breathing and relaxation techniques we have practiced in class are often used at home to help calm them when they get frustrated/ angry.

Kathy, Mum of 3yo

I am surprised every week how she manages to get all the children to lay down for relaxation! 


My children 7,4 and 2 love these yoga classes and really look forward to them


Katie, Mum of 4yo

Just want to say a huge thank you for the last year and a half... I know she has learnt some invaluable life skills through your yoga classes. She can initiate breathing techniques you have shown her if she feels upset, and more than anything loves practising (and showing….everyone who will watch) all of the different poses. She takes real pride with being able to balance, and creating the positions. She could barely stand on one leg, or pick up one of those felt balls with her toes at the start of your group. Yoga is defiantly something she will continue to practise, and I am so glad you gave her the opportunity to learn this.

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